No Future, No Children

200 young Canadians have pledged not to have children until politicians take action regarding climate change.

On May 3rd 2019, the 17 year-old Emma-Jane Burian is attending the climate strike outside the B.C. legislative buildings in Victoria. She will not bring her offspring into this world with its current climate predictions. According to the pledge taken by her and 199 other young people, it is better to not have children at all, than to allow them to live in a world with such tumultuous weather. “Canada is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and that’s a really big wake-up call for me, and also the fact our governments aren’t taking action,” Burian says. The network of activists claims to be non-partisan and aligns itself with science.

Joining the momentum of the movement is one of Canada’s environmental activists David Suzuki and former politician and United Nations diplomat Stephen Lewis. “There has never been a more propitious moment to confront climate change than right now,” Lewis said in an interview, “People are willing to listen and, we hope, to act. That’s what forces the political dynamic.”

According to Suzuki, “What you’re seeing now is the children are getting educated and realizing what the scientists are saying is if we don’t do something, we don’t have a future. And they’re rising up and putting (climate change) on the agenda.” 

According to Lewis and Suzuki, all political parties are not taking the correct steps; some are getting it more wrong than others. As Lewis says, “You’ve got to start a transformation to renewables. You’ve got to say sorry folks; the time has come to realize that those (fossil fuel) industries are going out of style. They’re gone. That’s what we’re advocating for.”

Burian – one of the organizers of #NoFutureNoChildren movement remains unconvinced any of the parties have a proper plan for an acceptable future. While we believe the choice to have children is very personal, we think it would be a tragedy if politics causes these young people to not have offspring (should parenthood be something they wish to experience).

the parties make promises...

Head of the Green Party Elizabeth May released a plan titled Mission: Possible where her team pledged to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by 60%, power the country’s electricity grid with renewable energy, retrofit every building in Canada, end all foreign oil imports in favor of Canadian fossil fuels and prioritize adaptation. 
Jagmeet Singh – leader of the NDP, said his party would spend $15 billion on an environment plan to cut emissions by almost 50% by 2030 and create 300,000 jobs through several initiatives, such as improving public transportation, retrofitting buildings, training employees and banning single-use plastics.

According to Catenaro, Trudeau’s government has taken on 50 actions to battle climate change. These actions include transitioning Canada to be powered by 90 per cent clean energy by 2030, phasing out coal power, improving public transit, reducing the cost of electric cars, banning single-use plastics and microbeads, and protecting more coasts, lakes and forests.